Color Painter

Color painter is used when you need to polishing vertex color by hand or someone who want to stick with the traditional painting method. To enable Color painter, click on the Coloring tab in the Inspector or press F4.
Color painter comes with a collection of built-in brushes, available under the Gallery foldout, click to select one of them. Each brush will have a various of settings as listed under the Selected Brush foldout:
• Id: Id of the brush, click on the label to ping the brush asset in the Project window.
• Collection: Brushes are grouped using this collection name, you can’t change this unless selecting the brush asset in Project window.
• Radius: Brush radius in world space.
• Erase Opacity: Strength of the eraser.
• Color: Color of the brush, this property is not accessible when the Color Picker foldout is expanded.
• Texture: A grayscale texture to determine brush shape. This texture must have it Read/Write Enabled option checked in its importer.
You can erase painted data using the Erase All button under Data foldout, this action will not affect procedural generated color.
Color painter also comes with a handy color picker and swatches right in the Inspector, you don’t need to pop another window up when selecting color. It can be found under the Color Picker foldout: