Import data from Unity built-in terrain

You can import data from Unity built-in terrain to Polaris with parameters as below:

• Terrain Name: Name of the new terrain to create.

• Terrain Data: Unity built-in terrain data to import.

• Import Geometry: Should it import geometry data?

• Use Unity Terrain Size: The new terrain will have (almost) the same size in world space with the Unity terrain if check on, otherwise it will take default size.

• Preferred Vertex Spacing: Distance between vertex of the new terrain.

• Import Foliage: Should it import foliage data?

• Use Spawning Rules: Should it use spawning rules of foliage brushes when importing, tree instances will be ignored if not satisfy these rules.

• Keep Old Trees: Should it keep or clear old tree instances before importing?

• Foliage Mapping: Map each tree prototype from Unity terrain data to a Foliage brush, the brush will be use to spawn new instances.

• Import Splats: Should it import splats data?

• As Vertex Color: Splats data will be converted to vertex color data if check on.