General Settings
This is where you control how the system works like scheduling jobs, hook up a force update, or other general/utility jobs.
• Terrain Data: Reference to the asset stores this terrain setting. Click on its name to ping the asset in the Project window.
• Jobs Per Update: How many jobs to do in a single editor update, a higher value will complete the process faster in overall but will cause the editor to hang up.
• Update Immediately: Should it perform a terrain update when some properties changed in the Inspector?
You can perform a Force Update by click on the Update button, there are some other actions to select from by click on the arrow button:
• Update: Perform a Force Update.
• Smooth Seams: Smooth normal vectors across tiles to remove their seam. Only work if using Smooth Shading.
• Recalculate Normals/Tangents/Bounds: Recalculate mesh data.
The progress bar indicates the process status, like how many jobs in total, how many jobs done and the current job’s name. You can abort all jobs by click on the red X button.
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