Suface Settings
This is where you control the terrain surface elevation, such as adding height map, wave, noise, as well as remap and smooth operations.
• Height Map: A grayscale texture to elevate its surface, note that this texture must have Read/Write Enabled option checked in it importer.
• Median Smooth: Should it smooth out data to avoid crispy and noisy surface?
• Pass Count: How many passes to use when smoothing data?
• Precision: How many decimal digits to round up when sampling data?
• Snapping: Sampled data will be round up to a multiple time of this number, use this option to create a blocky, Minecraft-like terrain.
• Clip: Should the terrain be clip off when its triangle’s height is zero?
• Max Height: maximum height of the surface.
• Noises/Waves/Remap: use these sections to create procedural height map.
Geometry data is stored in 2 separated arrays, one for height map and procedural generated, one for sculpting, so when you manipulate this section, sculpting data will NOT be affected, and vice versa.
Procedural geometry data is combined in the following order: Height Map > Noise > Wave > Remap > Smooth.
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