Splat Painter

Splat painter is used to paint texture onto the surface to add more fine detail such as grass, soil or other scenarios that vertex color cannot handles. To enable Splat painter, click on the Texturing tab on the Inspector or press F5:
Under General group, you can see some properties which determine how textures are blend with each other:
• Filter: Filter mode for the control texture, select Point for pixelated art style, select Bilinear or Trilinear for smooth blending.
• Control Resolution: size of the control texture, maximum is 512.
Splat painter comes with various built-in brushes, available under the Gallery group, click on them to select one, you will see some properties as listed under Selected Brush group:
• Id: Id of the selected brush, click on the label to ping the brush asset in the Project window.
• Radius: Radius of the brush.
• Opacity: Opacity of the brush, determine “strength” of some operations.
• Texture: Determine the brush’s shape. This is NOT the texture to be painted onto surface.
To start painting, you have to first define a splat. To do that, simply drag and drop a texture into the gray box under Splats foldout. For best result, the texture should have Repeat wrap mode.
Select one of the splat, you will see some properties as listed under Selected Splat foldout:
• Texture: The texture to paint onto the surface.
• Normal Map: The corresponding normal map for its texture, should not use on low-end devices.
• Scale: Scale of the splat in UV-space.
• Offset: Offset of the splat in UV-space.
There are some additional actions to use by click on the button under Selected Splat foldout:
• Fill: Fill the entire terrain with the selected splat.
• Clear: Clear painted data of the selected splats.
• Remove: Remove the selected splat from the terrain, this will clear its content too.
Currently it supports up to 8 splats without normal maps, if any normal map is assigned, only the first 4 splats will be drawn.
Under the Data foldout, you can see some additional function to apply, they are:
• Erase All: Clear all splats painted data.
• Sharpen (No Mask): Sharpen splat painting on the entire terrain, ignoring mask.
• Smooth (No Mask): Smooth splat painting on the entire terrain, ignoring mask.
• Convert To Vertex Color: Convert splat painting data to vertex color, this will clear all painting and splat prototypes as well.