Key features

  • Super easy to use, clean and tidy interface, in-depth documentation.
  • Support 2 types of terrain, one for small & stylized, with simple setup, one for larger scale with more advanced features.
  • Procedurally generating terrain base shape, with various settings, cleverly combines between Height Map, Noise, Wave and Curve, also support for clipping terrain shape based on vertex height or snap elevation value to create blocky terrain.
  • Import height map data from a regular texture, no RAW file needed.
  • Advanced Geometry painter for further polishing terrain shape, with various painting modes and multiple built-in brushes.
  • Advanced Foliage painter for spawning objects into the scene, with various spawning rules set and multiple built-in brushes.
  • Advanced Color painter for further polishing terrain color, or creating hand painted world, with handy color picker and swatches, multiple built-in brushes.
  • Advanced Splat painter for painting texture onto the surface, easily creating roads, grasses, with multiple built-in brushes.
  • Advanced Mask painter for taking action on a specific terrain region, such as lock it out from editing.
  • Ability to create your own brush gallery.
  • Advanced optimization techniques, including LODs management, automatic billboard asset creation, automatic collider fit.
  • Other utility features like saving procedural mesh, extract data from terrain, etc.
  • Work perfectly with other world building tools like Gaia, Map Magic.
  • No 3rd party plugin, all high quality, fully documented C# source code included.