Coloring settings
In the Inspector window, click on the Coloring foldout to open it, you will see the properties listed as follow:
  • Color By Height: determine color of each vertex by its height.
  • Color By Normal: determine color of each vertex by its normal vector.
  • Color Blend Fraction: a fraction to blend between Color By Height and Color By Normal, where alpha=0 is fully by height, and alpha=1 is fully by normal.
  • Underground Color: color of the underground part.
  • Flat Shading: toggle between flat and smooth shading, the number of vertices will be tripled when turning on.
  • Vertex Color: should it generate vertex color? Uncheck if you use a diffuse map for its material.
  • Solid Face Color: if turn on, vertex color will not be blended across the triangle.
  • Reduce Surface Noise: Use bilinear instead of point filter when sampling height map.
Color by height example
Color by normal example
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