Deformation settings
Traditional terrain engine often generates a mesh with rectangular mesh. But since Polaris is a stylized terrain engine, you can use it Bezier Based Vertex Deformation feature to create terrain with custom shape. Unleash your creativity!
In the Inspector window, click on the Deformation foldout to open it, you will see the properties as listed below:
  • Enable: Should the terrain be deformed?
  • Template: Bezier template to choose from, switch to Custom to create your own.
There are several templates for you to choose, more will be added in future updates:
Once this features enabled, you will see the Bezier handles appear in the Scene view, try dragging them to create custom shapes.
Ellipse deformation
Arc forward deformation
Rounded diamond deformation
Custom deformation
Note: Bezier Scene view handles are hidden when you collapse the Deformation foldout.
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